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Blog entry by Steph Cassidy

What is Activity Based Work (ABW)?

What is Activity Based Work (ABW)?

What is Activity Based Work (ABW)?

ABW is reliant on flexible working spaces that allow employees to choose a place / space that will match the activity they plan to carry out.  An ABW approach might incorporate a number of enablers such as wireless technology, mobile hardware (notebooks, iPads and more) and a paperless existence to be fully integrated and to support a physical environment that promotes flexible work arrangements. These physical changes to the built environment impact on a multitude of areas including work process, cultural expectations, personal preferences, managerial practices, and technology and health1.

Whilst some organizations have introduced fully integrated ABW approaches, they have achieved this via complete office redesign. Given full redesign is not an option for several organizations (footprint and restricted finances), hybrid approaches to ABW are being introduced1.

One thing ABW is not, is a rebrand of ‘Hot Desking’. Hot desking is non-allocated seating in a traditional office environment.

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